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Home Community Support & Feedback for the Community Como puedo ganar mas PandaPoints?

  • JosepMarti

    29 enero at 12:34 pm
    PandaPoints: 11,209

    You may add PandaPoints to your account when you take certain actions on the community.

    Here’s a list of the actions and the amount of points you will receive:

    15 for becoming a member

    2 for each day you log in on the Panda Premium Community

    10 for referring a new Panda (see referring below)

    5 for reading a Reading (max. 5 per day)

    5 for new forum topic (max. 1 per day)

    3 for new forum reply (max. 5 per day)

    3 for joining a new group

    8 for creating a new group (you receive the points once the group reaches 5 members)

    5 for new group topic (max. 1 per day)

    50 for being a member for a year