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  • Why is it ‘por’ instead of ‘para?’

    Posted by yeppy96 on 26 octubre at 7:51 am

    In the sentence, ‘Jaime fue a ______ el libro a la biblioteca porque tiene que estudiar mucho por la noche para el examen de manana.’, why is the blank ‘por’ instead of ‘para?’

    And what does it mean in English? Thank you!!

    yeppy96 replied 10 months, 4 weeks ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies
  • JosepMarti

    26 octubre at 9:45 am
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    Hola Yeppy! 😀

    The sentence means: “Jaime went to the library to get the book because he has to study hard at night for tomorrow’s exam.”

    In this sentence we use “por” because we are using a movement verb. The structure goes like this:

    MOVEMENT VERB + A + POR + SOMETHING (to go, to come, to return…)


    – Voy a por el libro – I’m going to get my book

    – Quiero ir a por el niño a las 3 – I want to go to pick up the kid at 3

    Hope that helps!

    • yeppy96

      27 octubre at 6:16 am
      PandaPoints: 41

      Gracias~ 🙂