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Home Community #AskThePanda Why is it ‘por’ instead of ‘para?’ Reply To: Why is it ‘por’ instead of ‘para?’

  • JosepMarti

    26 octubre at 9:45 am
    PandaPoints: 11,195

    Hola Yeppy! 😀

    The sentence means: “Jaime went to the library to get the book because he has to study hard at night for tomorrow’s exam.”

    In this sentence we use “por” because we are using a movement verb. The structure goes like this:

    MOVEMENT VERB + A + POR + SOMETHING (to go, to come, to return…)


    – Voy a por el libro – I’m going to get my book

    – Quiero ir a por el niño a las 3 – I want to go to pick up the kid at 3

    Hope that helps!