Inspiration Notebook

Inspiration Notebook & Folder

Ever hear of inspiration boards? They talk about the power of this technique a lot in manifesting your best life—create a vision board with images of yourself having the body you want, the house you dream of, and the job you most desire.

Hang it up where you look the most and you’ll see this vision of your life every day. Then, both actively and subconsciously, you take the necessary steps to make it a reality.

<< The daily practice of visualizing your dreams as already complete is called Visualization >>

Well, maybe it doesn’t surprise you then to know that the same technique works for language learning. But how can we make something as tangible as an inspiration board for a non-tangible language? To answer this, take this motivational capsule in two doses: the inspiration notebook and the inspiration folder.

Get an empty notebook and fill it with everything that keeps you motivated to learn Spanish. Why is learning Spanish so important to you?

Maybe you’re going to live in Spain, so you fill your notebook with stunning pictures of the Spanish landscape, or the exciting city life; pictures of people having fun and all the new friends you’re going to meet.

Maybe you want to be an actor. Cover the pages of your notebook with posters or scenes from your favorite Spanish films. Plaster glamor shots of Antonio Banderas or Penelope Cruz or your favorite Spanish-speaking actors all over the pages.

Every time you open the notebook, you’re going to remember why learning Spanish is so important to you. Check it every time you’re feeling unmotivated, or every day right before you start practicing.

<< For athletes, visualization process is called “mental rehearsal,” and they have been using these exercises since the 1960s when we learned about it from the Russians >>

This way you go into your work already feeling inspired. It’s portable and can go wherever you do. You can take this dose anytime and anywhere.

But, the notebook is limited to two-dimensional media. Sometimes, our inspiration can come from multimedia material like songs or videos. You can’t really put a song into a notebook.

Which brings me to the complimentary dose of motivation to take along with the inspiration notebook: the inspiration folder. Nothing too complicated here. Just make a folder on your computer to fill with all the multimedia files that remind you why you want to learn Spanish so bad.

Again, these motivational doses are so small, and so simple, but so VERY POWERFUL! I’m not just recommending you try some random thing that I’ve heard works for some people. I’ve done it, too!

Take this capsule to keep your eye on the prize. It makes climbing the hill to get there that much easier!

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